Frequently asked questions

What is the time of check-in and check-out?

Usually check-in is at 13:00 and check-out is at 12:00. In case your apartment is already vacant, you may check-in immediately upon arrival or leave your luggage in reception and have a rest in our living-room free of charge. If there is a possibility, we always allow early check-in or late check-out. In case you are willing to ensure your early check-in or late check-out, you are requires to pay for an additional night (half-rate is charged for late (before 18:00) check-out on condition of prior approval of it by hotel administration).

How do I get to you?

After you made a reservation, we will be waiting for you at any time (our administrators are on duty 24/7) of the day of arrival given in the reservation. You will be welcomed in 2 our complexes:

1.    Mini-hotel on 14 Kropivnitskogo str.

2.    Aparthotel on 3 and 5 Basseyna str.

If you need a transfer from the airport, please provide us with the number of your flight, time of arrival and terminal (if available). Our driver will be standing at the exit from the customs area with your surname on a plate. Car transfer from Borispol airport including pending costs 20 euro, from Zhulyany airport (Kiev) – 12 euro. Minibus and bus transfers are provided and calculated upon prior request. We kindly ask you to pay for transfer to your driver before the arrival to hotel.

Please, pay attention that transfer from any airport or train station is free of charge in case your stay at our apartments exceeds 11 nights.

What public transport should I use to get to you from Borispol Airport on my own?

Take airport shuttle bus (for example, from terminal B) to Vokzalna metro station. Enter the subway, go down the moving staircase, take metro train and follow to Khreschatik station (pass 2 stops, alight on the 3rd one). Exit to the escalator with “ЦУМ” plate above and find yourself on Khreschatik str. Standing with your back to the exit from the subway, turn left and follow Khreschatik till the end. After the last building of Khreschatik (candy store "Roshen") and before the Bessarabsky Market turn left again and go to the pedestrian crosswalk leading to Basseyna str. On the corner of Basseyna str. you will see Ukrainian fast-food restaurant UKRAINIAN CUISINE “PUZATA KHATA” (very nice restaurant working from 7 am till late at night). Cross the street towards the restaurant and facing the entrance of the restaurant:

In order to get to 3 Basseyna str:

-  facing “PUZATA KHATA”, turn right and pass 3 buildings of Basseyna str. till the house #3 (you will see a black  entrance door with a small window, a big APARTMENTS plate above it and a banner PRIVATE APARTMENT SERVICE on the balcony). There is LEBLAN Beauty Salon to the left and, across the road there is MANDARIN PLAZA.

Entrance door intercome code is number 5 and letter K – press by turns and say "To hotel".

Follow directly to the elevator – there you will see a door with APARTMENTS plate on it.

In case you get lost, call: +38 044 235 35 64; +38 044 234 37 07; +38 044 246 76 78 – and our administrator will meet you.

In order to get to mini-hotel on 14 Kropivnitskogo str.:

- turn left and follow 60 m up the hill, then turn right – that is the beginning of Kropivnitskogo str. (a little above and just parallel to Basseyna str.). Minihotel is located on the first residential floor of the historical building. The plate is pending for approval of the municipality, therefore search for house number 14 (you will pass PLANETA FITNESS fitness center and green building of GASTRONOMCHIK). Enter the building - entrance code is 2K – and go up the stairs to the first floor, where you will immediately find the APARTMENTS plate above the door.  Phones of the administrator (on duty 24/7): +38 044 235 90 46, 239 73 96.

Tired of reading? After the first visit you will see how easy it is to get to us and how close we are to the center of the city. Basseyna is a central street for entertainment and rest, while Kropivnitskogo is a very small and quiet street (despite Basseyna and other central streets).

What is the shortest term of apartments rent in Kiev and why your apartments are better than a hotel?

The term of apartments rent in Kiev is from 1 night to several months.

My flight/train/bus is delayed. The time of arrival has changed. What to do?

In case you reserved a transfer with us, our driver will be informed about the delay. Be sure, that you will be met any time, notwithstanding the time of delay. We work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you decide to get to us on your own and the time of your arrival will change, we would appreciate you calling us to any number of those given above.

Can I reserve any apartments of those offered on the web-site?

Exactly! In case the chosen apartments are available (vacant). If the apartments in Kiev, which you liked the most, are already occupied or reserved, you will be informed in written and an apartment of the same or higher level will be offered. After you decide which one to reserve, the final confirmation will be sent.

Are there any hidden extra expenses?

No, there are not. The rate includes rent, public services, local phone calls, free Wireless Internet connection, maid services before your arrival and on the days specified in description (depends on the apartment – can be provided every day or once in three days). Deposit paid by you before your arrival with credit card or any other way will be deducted from the total payment for your accommodation after deduction of bank commission. It is only when payment is done with credit card, you are to pay additional local fee of 3%.

Is there high speed Internet in the apartments and is it free of charge?

High-speed Wireless Internet connection is free of charge and accessible in all our apartments. It is to be used with no limitation for business and private purposes (work with mail box, web-sites).

What if all of a sudden something does not work or breaks down?

If suddenly something does not work or breaks down in the apartments, we will send a specialist immediately in order to repair the breakdown. As you know, we function as a hotel and in the worst case if the problem persists, we will find for you another apartment in the center of Kiev of the same level or higher and offer you to move into it.

PAY ATTENTION: Most of our clients prefer not to be disturbed, therefore we appreciate when our guests inform us on the convenient time for maid service.

What if someone will join me and stay with me in the apartments?

You will not have to provide any additional payment for beds available in your apartment, if no additional bed is required, or if agreed with the administration in advance.

What is the pet policy of the hotel?

Pets accommodation is allowed not in all apartments. Therefore, please, agree the question of accommodation of your pet in advance with our administration and get our confirmation. Much depends on size, breed and temperament of your pet. If you are planning to travel with your pet, please, inform us about it when reserving apartment in Kiev.

Can I change check-in or check-out date?

Only by prior agreement and upon availability of vacant apartments. But if you let us know about slight change in dates several days in advance, we will do our best to help you and it is likely that we will move the dates without interfering with other bookings.

For how long do you keep the apartment reserved in case of no-show?

In case our client has not arrived on the agreed with us time or something has changed in client’s plans, it is his/her responsibility to contact us and inform about the changes. You can call, write an e-mail or send an SMS. If you do not let us know about the delay till 19:00 (unless a later time of check-in was agreed with us), we consider this to be no-show case, which means that apartments are vacant and can be provided to other clients.

Can I or my friends check the apartment before the booking?

Of course, you can, unless by the moment of checking the apartment is occupied by another client. Please, keep in mind, that apartments are occupied almost always and it is necessary to agree the time of checking in advance.You can be sure, that the pictures and description of the apartment, given on the web-site are relevant and completely true.

How much should I pay during making the reservation?

Once we confirm the availability of chosen apartments in Kiev for the requested dates, the amount of the first deposit would be equal to one night stay rate, unless different conditions are applied to a certain season. You can pay it in any way convenient for you of those listed on the web-site.

How can I pay for phone calls? How to call to another city and abroad?

Local phone calls are included into the cost of the apartment rate. International and intercity phone calls are provided through the administrator. You are to contact the administrator on duty, tell him the number you would like to dial and after the connection with the subscriber you will be forwarded to it. Payment is according to the tariffication and length of call (please, pay by cash to administrator).

Is the rate per apartment or per bed?

The rate is per apartment, however every apartment includes a certain number of beds, specified in description.

Which household appliances are there in the apartment?

You can find a list of household appliances of each apartment in its description on our web-site.

Is security deposit compulsory?

Sometimes it is, depending on the apartments and period (for example, New Year celebration). The amount of the security deposit is 50-200$. If we require it, the invoice includes its amount and it is refunded in full in case you check-out from the apartment leaving it in the same condition as it was when you checked-in.

Please, inform us on the date and time off your departure in order our manager could pick up the keys from the apartment and refund the security deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

Apartment reservation is a mutual obligation. By booking an apartment for you for the specified dates, we thus deny other clients interested in renting this apartment.

Free cancellation is available at least 2 (two) days prior to arrival. If agreed, we can leave your deposit till your next arrival to Kiev or refund it to you (with deduction of bank commission). Later cancellation does not provide for deposit refund. But if some slight changes appear in the dates of your arrival, we will definitely make a concession. We always make concessions to our regular clients and understand that every situation is individual; therefore we do our best in order to accommodate our clients and find a solution which would satisfy everyone.

If in case of force majeure it would be impossible to accommodate you in the booked apartment, our company undertakes to provide you with an apartment of the same or a higher level. In case the substitute does not meet client’s demands, we will return the advance payment in full.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept VISA and MASTERCARD. If payment is done with credit cards, additional 3% (local fee) is to be charged. Do not forget your pin-code and ID.

If it is more efficient for you to withdraw the money from a bank account, our manager or driver will show you the closest ATM and you will be able to withdraw cash. As a rule, withdrawal of 400$ per day is allowed in ATM. Bigger amount is to be withdrawn from your credit card in any bank during the working hours of the bank (ID is required).

When and how should I pay for the apartment?

You need to pay to our manager the rest of the sum for the rent of apartments in Kiev upon check-in. The amount is paid in UAH in full. In rare cases (late check-in and early check-out) the payment can be done in USD or in EURO according to the commercial exchange rate upon the day of payment. Naturally, we provide each monetary transaction with invoices.


Still have questions? Please, mail us.